Nautilus: Hot & Cold Salt Water Spa

The Nautilus Spa is an equine therapy spa that has been designed and engineered to assist in the treatment and prevention of lower leg injuries and disease. It is the only spa made in the United States and the only spa that utilizes both hot and cold salt water therapies. While the cold salt water therapy has been utilized by many trainers and veterinarians to treat a variety of injuries, the Nautilus’ hot water feature allows owners, trainers, veterinarians to utilize prevention therapy to decrease the likelihood of the occurrence of many common injuries currently sustained by these world class athletes.

The Nautilus equine therapy spa has is being introduced to provide world class therapy solutions for world class athletes. The ownership and maintenance of winning horses requires the investment of a lot of time and money. The use of this product will assist in protecting that investment.

The costs associated with the operation of the Nautilus spa are minimal. The insulated fiberglass storage tanks minimize the fluctuation in water temperature which reduces the costs associated with heating or cooling the water. In addition, the triple filtering process keeps the water clean reducing the costs associated with the replacement of water. The spa can filter up to 72,000 gallons of water in an 8 hour period.

The modular design of the spa provides the owner flexibility in choosing the location of the storage tanks.

Premium Design Quality

  • Permits the use of both hot and cold water therapies
  • Double Walled fiberglass storage tanks to decrease the fluctuation in water temperature
  • Easy to use, fully automated control panel permitting the user to choose the depth of the water, the amount of aeration and the selection of hot or cold water
  • Double swing doors to accommodate horses of all sizes
  • Interlocking rubber pavers to protect both the horse and the spa
  • Non-slip rubber flooring
  • Secure door locking system to seal water in the spa
  • Marine grade stainless steel
  • Modular design offers flexibility for limited space installations
  • Walk through design allows for the horse’s safe entry and exit from the spa
  • Triple filtering process that constantly filters the water while the pump is on
    • 2 HP multi-speed pump
    • Thermostatically controlled water temperature
    • Two cartridge filters designed for easy cleaning with the capacity to filter 72,000 gallons of water in each 8 hour period.



Package Includes:

  • Nautilus Spa
  • Chiller Unit
  • Manure Harness
  • Starter Salt package
  • 2 year warranty (1 year on electrical components)
  • Training
  • Installation (except for electrical hookup)
  • Ongoing support from the Nautilus Equine Therapy Spa professionals