Why this spa?

The Nautilus Spa is the only spa made in the United States and the only spa

that utilizes both hot and cold salt water therapies.

The Nautilus Spa is an equine therapy spa that has been designed and engineered to assist in the treatment and prevention of lower leg injuries and disease.

While the cold salt water therapy has been utilized by many trainers and veterinarians to treat a variety of injuries, the Nautilus’ hot water feature allows owners, trainers, veterinarians to utilize prevention therapy to decrease the likelihood of the occurrence of many common injuries currently sustained by these world class athletes.

The Nautilus is the only spa on the market that offers the user the ability to utilize both hot and cold water therapies. The cold salt water is maintained at 37 degrees to minimize heat and inflammation. The hot water is maintained at 104 degrees to increase circulation, ease tension and relax sore muscles. Both hot and cold water tanks are triple filtered ensuring healthy clean water.